"My license was revoked about 5 years ago. I tried to go through a hearing by myself. I wasn't expecting how difficult it was going to be. Getting all of the documents was hard enough, but getting grilled by the SOS attorney was even worse. After getting denied a couple of times, my friend suggested I hire an attorney. Unfortunately, most attorneys were way out of my price range. I found LDLG and they were affordable, much more so than other places I called. They were courteous and effective in preparing me. I got my license back and am a happy former client. Thank you."
Jeremy F.
"I got two DUIs quite a long time ago. Because I didn't really need a car at the time, I never tried to get my license back. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. I could not have been more wrong!! Illinois really wants to put you through a bunch of hoops before you can drive again. I have several friends who I talked to about it and they all recommended that I hire a lawyer. I followed their advice and hired this office. The lawyer I worked with was both kind and very responsive to my questions."
Rachel P.
"I've made some mistakes in my past and lost my drivers license. I really needed to start driving again for work. I live out of state, so I didn't realize that I first had to get Illinois approval. I looked online for information and realized that this stuff was really confusing. I knew I needed to hire an attorney to help me, but like a lot of people, I know that hiring an attorney can be really expensive. After doing more research online, I found the License Defense Law Group and thought I would give them a shot. After several discussions about my case, I knew I was in good hands. Although the process took a little while, I finally got my license back!! I will refer you to other people that need assistance. Thanks."
Blake B.
"When I was eligible to get my license back, I knew from other people's experience to contact a lawyer. To be honest, I didn't think the state would ever let me drive again considering my friends kept getting denied. I thought I would give it a shot, and I am glad I did. It took a while to finally get a decision, but I received a restricted permit and am now able to drive to and from work."

Out of State DUI?

We have a number of clients that have received DUIs in other states using their Illinois drivers license.  Illinois law varies with such cases.  Generally, if you receive a DUI in Illinois with an Illinois drivers license, and provided that it’s your first DUI, the Illinois court system will generally order court supervision and your license will not be revoked, thus avoiding the formal reinstatement process.  However, if you receive a DUI in another state and you use your Illinois license, even if it is your first DUI, Illinois WILL revoke your license and you will be subject to the same process of petitioning for an administrative hearing in order to secure a release from Illinois.

Unfortunately, if you now reside in another state and you are trying to secure a drivers license in that state, most likely, you will have to first secure a release with Illinois.  Fortunately, the License Defense Law Group can help and we will assist you in the process of applying for an out-of-state hearing.



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